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Mantra Mcconaughey style

A mantra  is a sound, syllable, word or phrase that is considered capable of spiritual transformation when focused on. Although its origins are from the Hindu faith, Westerners have adopted the mantra as part of their non-secular meditative practices.

Speaking with a friend last night about many an agitating topic, she enlightened me as to what she does to bring peace to her mind and even a smile in the most stressful of moments. She channels actor Matthew Mcconaughey’s voice saying, “Alright, alright” in his laid back Texan drawl and immediately steps into a happier, calmer state. The words themselves are the abbreviated version of a much drawn out “Alriiiiiiiiiight” repeated 3 times by Mcconaughey in the iconic movie “Dazed and Confused” (1993). When she first told me, I didn’t take her seriously. Determined to prove to me how this man’s catch phrase had become her mantra, she demonstrated it. We even did it together. After a few times, I was both laughing and completely relaxed about what I had been previously angry about.

Much later at home, I thought about the words, “Alright, alright” and the soothing quality of his voice and it made sense. Imagine yourself in a whirlwind and then someone, Matthew, comes through the chaos and simply says it’s alright. It kind of lulls you when you repeat it a few times in your mind. Or for those unfamiliar, a video below featuring the origins of this mantra: