Oral fixations from Beantown

This is the second month I am participating in the Foodie Pen Pal program. For those of you reading for the first time, see my post “Treats Are Mightier Than the Pen”   from last month that describes what the program is and how you too can become a part of it.

This time around, the care package came from my side of the coastline from a blogger/food adventurer/grad student named Veronica based in Boston, whose blog is Foodie By Night . Leaving her wide open to choose whatever local treats she desired, she “modified” the box to include treats for the outside of my mouth as well as my taste buds. She also channeled my love for coffee without me having said anything of the sort to her.

Within my package were two homemade lip balms created by a Boston artisan. Her complete line of crazily flavored lip treats are available through her Etsy store and at BagLunchCo.com.

Bag Lunch’s insane flavor spectrum…there’s even a meatball lip balm!
Makes me want to lick my lips every few seconds…my favorite flavor of the two sent.

Also included were local vendor Sweet Lydia’s Raspberry S’more and Pomegranate molasses from her local farmer’s market. The s’more looked something like this PMS platter:

The molasses was more like a tart syrup than the thick sticky gooey-ness normally associated with the stuff. Nevertheless, it reminded me of the sour cherry syrups my aunt used to make in Greece to mix with cold water for drinking or to pour over ice-cream for us kids. It gave me ideas. Veronica also gave her own ideas on how to use it via the little card she included in the box. That, and the handwritten jarred date made it feel like it came from family.

By far the best part of the whole box was the coffee recipe Veronica hand-wrote and illustrated (so cute)…see below. A girl after my own heart.

Tres Jolie!