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Flu-like respect

The last time I had the flu was back in the year 2000. Despite the trials and tribulations I put my body through since then, I have yet to fall victim to the influenza virus again. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the rest of the world. The national news has declared an “epidemic” and warns that all who think they may be infected or have come down with full blown flu should do their best to stay within the confines of their homes. Flu vaccinations are in short supply and unless you literally feel all of the below symptoms in full force, you should steer clear of any ER, where an even worse condition could befall you.

All this talk of contamination and germs reminds me how much of a risk a hands on profession like massage poses to both the therapist and client.

Having a slight sniffle should be grounds for staying out of work, but often, massage therapists are forced to suck it up with doses of Vitamin C and over the counter medications and show up rather than risk the economic repercussions. Sadly, every body touched comes into contact with their germs and runs the risk of catching whatever they have. Even when all surfaces are wiped down with anti-microbial agents and protective aesthetic masks are donned to cover the nose and mouth, germs can still spread. Getting sick is not the feel good service clients came in for. Same applies for clients that show up with a full blown situation in their respiratory tracts, sneeze into the face cradle, nasal drip and cough in every direction. Universal precautions like washing hands between clients or using hand sanitizer after doing facial, neck and head work (big germ cloud in that region) can definitely reduce the likelihood of catching their germs, but it’s no guarantee. Coming down with the flu is the tip that keeps taking.

Despite not having any of the above symptoms, I decided to do my potential clients the service of staying home today. That is how much I respect my livelihood and the health and wellness of the people whose bodies are entrusted into my care. We should all give each other the respect of keeping our germs to ourselves; the NYC Subway is already Petri dish enough!


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